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CasinoSteward is an affiliate gaming website which aims to provide its visitors with up-to-date knowledge about various online casinos. We are an information-based website and we do not provide our own casino or online games; instead, we evaluate the merits and cons of various third-party casinos and present them to our users to make educated decisions about joining. It is crucial to note that as we value our visitors highly, we want them to make safe and responsible choices when gambling online. As such, before you decide to gamble with any online casino provider, we encourage you to read this article for some important tips about playing it safe online.

The term ‘responsible gaming & security’ essentially means that the individual who has chosen to gamble through any casino provider has been fully-informed about the risks associated with online gambling in general but also about the risks of that individual casino provider in any particular instance.

Responsible gaming & security is a joint effort between the gambler at risk, the casino provider, the community and various international government efforts. Since gambling trends have shifted from traditional ‘brick and mortar’ casinos to expansive online internet casinos, the average player has a much easier time accessing means of gambling by which we mean: online slots, live sports betting, online poker etc.

The nature of being able to gamble from the comfort of your own home has massive convenience and opportunity benefits; however, there is a glaring issue in that it is very difficult for anyone to spot the signs of a gambler at risk of developing a gambling problem if they are doing it behind closed doors. When we say, ‘gambling problem’, we mean: betting more money than one can afford to lose, feeling compelled to bet more after heavy losses to try a recover the wallet (which is a slippery downhill slope), or letting a gambling addiction get in the way of personal and professional relationships etc.

Online casinos are meant to be played for entertainment purposes. Online casinos are not reliable ways to earn money as most games are based purely on luck. There have been various debates over whether games like poker and blackjack are based on luck or on skill, however the general consensus on using other games such as slot machines or roulette tables is that they are entirely luck-based and as such, past performance does not indicate future success. It is highly advised that a player should never ever bet more than they can afford to lose, as doing so defies the basic principles of responsible gaming & security and puts the player at risk of a gambling problem.

As is the case with most addictions, whether alcohol, drug or gambling related, the addiction is usually built up habitually over a long period of time. The trick to avoiding dangerous addiction is to spot the signs early and to overcome the issues by knowing when to quit and to say no. There is an abundance of comprehensive and free online guides for responsible gaming & security. Online gambling addiction has also been well studied in academia and the problems are known. This guide, along with everything else previously mentioned are readily available to the player. There are also various support lines and charities that have been established to help the player combat these issues. It must be re-iterated that CasinoSteward does not provide its own games or casino and because of this fact, any casino or game that a visitor of our website signs up for and participates in is still being done entirely through a third-party, and it’s the third-party which holds full responsibility for the ensuing actions. We can offer advice to our visitors on a range of matters regarding online gaming, and our team has lots of valuable experience working within the industry. What we cannot do is help you recover losses if you incur them through one of the third-parties which we are affiliated with.

It is our responsibility to ensure that all information on this website is up to date and is accurate however our partners often change their terms of service and bonus offerings without informing us. Therefore, we pledge to try our best within our means to ensure we are giving completely accurate information, however it is the responsibility of the player to ensure they check the corresponding terms and conditions of the third-party before reaching their final consensus, and only the third-parties’ written terms should be considered ‘official.’

In conclusion, online gambling is supposed to be enjoyable for the player. To ensure this enjoyment, the player must practice responsible gaming & security principles, and must try their best to recognise when a problem is building up. Online gaming is a fantastic alternative to traditional casinos however it does not come without risks, and one should inform themselves fully of these risks before depositing their own money with a third-party.

From the team at CasinoSteward, we truly wish you a safe and fruitful experience when you engage in online gambling. Be careful, do your research and protect yourself.

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